About Our Founder

Kevin M. Davis is the Founder and CEO of KMD Contracting Services. A lifelong entrepreneur, Kevin’s first foray into entrepreneurship was at the age of 10 when he tried to make a popsicles in an ice tray to sell to his friends for 10 cents.

Kevin brings more than 30 years of government and commercial facility experience. During his experience as a facility manager for the federal government for many years, Kevin saw firsthand how cleaning companies were taking short cuts as it relates to proper cleaning. He envisioned a way to do it better, and KMD Contracting Services was founded in 2014.

Kevin is an expert team builder and manager of people and projects and he has demonstrated time and again his ability to bring the right people together as one to get the job done. As a leader, Kevin takes inspiration from the books Winning and Straight from the Gut by Jack Welch and The Winner Within by Pat Riley.