Did you know there are many benefits of cleaning with color-coded microfiber cloths? Here are a few of them.

  • Their densely packed micro-filaments reach deep into surface cracks and crevices, removing 99% of bacteria compared to cotton’s 30%.
  • The smoothness of microfiber cloth also makes it much less likely to scratch a surface compared to coarser materials.
  • Microfiber cleaning tools like microfiber mops can last for as many as 1,000 washes, five times as many as conventional wet loop mops. 
  • The effectiveness of microfiber towels and other products at removing dirt and bacteria means they require less soap or cleaning product. 
  • Microfiber absorbs water more efficiently than cotton, requiring less water when mopping or performing other tasks.
  • Microfiber dries more quickly than cotton, providing less time for bacteria to grow on damp cloth.
  • Microfiber leaves no lint behind, making it ideal for cleaning glass and stainless steel without leaving streaks.

Pro Tip: To avoid cross-contamination, cleaning companies should use color-coded or dedicated cloths to clean specific surfaces or workplace areas, such as desks, mirrors, restrooms, or hazard areas. 

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